Rexing V1 1080p Wide Angle Dash Cam Review

The Rexing V1 1080p Wide Angle Dash Cam is a upper entry level dash board camera from RexingUSA, a new company that seems to specialise in taking existing Korean and Chinese cameras and improving on them. This particular model is based heavily on the B40/A118 camera and has some cosmetic and functional improvements to help promote ease of use and functionality.

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Rexing V1 1080p Wide Angle Dash Cam
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Because this is based on the popular B40/A118, it comes with the same advantages. The discreet for factor along with good quality sensor and lens. Unfortunately, part of what made the B40/A118 so attractive was the competitive price. The Rexing V1 adds an additional 25% premium on top of the question is, is it worth the extra?

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Rexing V1 Lens

The lens on the Rexing V1 is the same as the camera it was based on. It has the popular AR0330 170 degree 6 layer lens, capable of recording at a range of resolutions, including 1080p and 720p. This is a capable lens and combined with the WDR functinality, means it performs admirably in low light conditions, enough to pick up plates at a few car lengths in street lighting conditions. All things you would expect with this lens.

Rexing V1 Hardware

Because this is based on the B40/A118, it mounts in the same way. It comes with double sided 3M adhesive tape that allows you to mount the camera behind your wind shield mirror. This is arguably the best place for a dash cam in cars, giving you the benefit of a higher point of view to record from. The mounting tape is reliable and feels solid when in place. Combined with the great for factor, this is a discreet, well positioned camera.

The Rexing V1 comes equipped with the same NT96650 chipset also, which is a very capable chipset found in many dash cameras around this price point. It works well, allowing you to set and forget the dash cam, as you should be able to.

The other main point to discuss is the 2.7 inch screen. It provides suitable quality visuals at 320×240 resolution. It does however lack an included SD card, something you will need to purchase seperately..

Rexing V15 Gallery

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Rexing V1 Features

  • AR0330 170 degree Lens with WDR

    The included lens with the camera is a very capable lens for it’s price point, part of the reason why this level of dash cam is viable at all.

  • 2.4″ screen

    The bright and colourful screen allows you to operate the camera with ease by reading the menu on the crisp 320×240 screen.

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Common issues

Despite the improved build quality, there is a few reports of issues with this new camera.

  • Heat Concerns

    It has been reported that the Rexing V1 doesn’t handle heat particularly well, with reports of the camera failing within a few days. Operating temperatures have not been published for this model so this cannot be confirmed.

Is the Rexing V1 right for you?

We asked at the start of the review whether or not the Rexing V1 was worth a 25% premium over a normal B40/A118 and the conclusion is… somewhat. The addition of larger buttons to ease operation (one of the major complaints about the B40/A118) does give a better user experience and the manual is also good quality with helpful explanations. The build quality is also superior.

Is it right for you? This comes down to personal preference. If you want something that’s easier to operate and with better build quality, this is a great camera. If you simply want the functionality of a dashcam and won’t be playing with it often, we’d still recommend the B40/A118 dash cam as it provides the same functionality, at a better price point.

Where to Buy

The camera is available from multiple sources:

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Rexing V1 Video Sample Day

Rexing V1 Video Sample Night

Rexing V1 Resources

Manufacturers Page

Product Page


Rexing V1 Specifications

Rexing V1
Rexing V1 1080p Wide Angle Dash Cam
Channels 1
Screen 2.4″ LCD
GPS cross

Wi-FI cross
Parking Mode cross
File Lock Manual Button and G-Sensor
Max Resolution 1080p @ 30F FPS
File Format .mov
Viewing Angle 170
Memory Card Standard SD
Included Storage N/A
Max Card Supported 32GB
Mount Adhesive
Operating Temperature Not Specified
Software Compatibility PC and MAC

Wrap Up

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Rexing V1

Rexing V1

Daytime Video Quality


    Night Time Video Quality




        Value for Money



          • - Great Form Factor
          • - Good Build Quality
          • - Good Video Quality
          • - Easy to use


          • - Inflated price for build quality

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