YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam review

The 5″ LCD Color Rear View Backup Camera System with CCD 120° Wide View and Night Vision, Free 32′ Cable. by YanTech USA is a complete backup camera package brought to us by YanTech USA, a maker of various in car electronics. The most unique selling point on this is the pop-up monitor that activates when you place the car in reverse (if wired correctly).

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The contents of the package include, the screen, the camera, a remote control, the camera and mount, the fixings and allen key, the required cables, and a pair of earphones to use the with the monitor for sound.

YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam Camera

The supplied camera is of decent quality, capable of filming up to 519×492 with a total viewing angle of 120 degrees. It comes build in with 18 infrared tubes, designed to give night vision up to 15ft, enough for parking at least. The camera also includes a small microphone that sends audio through to the monitor which has a built in speaker to play this audio. The picture picked up by the camera is sharp enough and good enough quality to fill up the screen but it’s affected badly by direct sunlight, washing out the colors.

YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam monitor

With the monitor, comes the flip up mechanism that activates when put into reverse when attached to the power supply for the reversing lights. It works well and activates quick enough to not make this an annoying features. The monitor itself has 2 video inputs, one for the supplied camera and the other for either a 2nd camera or other video device such as a dvd player or games console. It has a reverse image mode that allows you to flip the picture, making it the same view as what you’d see in your rear view mirror for those that prefer that. It has a disappointing contrast ratio of 150:1 and is badly affected by excess sunlight. It is also noted as shock resistant up to 8G if you do drive offroad a lot.

The other handy feature of this system is the inclusion of a 32ft cable, making it suitable for use in larger vehicle such as vans and RVs.

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YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam Features

  • Pop-up Monitor

    The monitor is designed to “pop up” when the vehicle is in reverse gear, keeping it nice and discreet.

  • Night vision

    The inclusion of 18 infra red tubes help this camera see at night up to 15ft, allowing you to park in the dark.

  • Remote Control

    The remote control allows you to adjust the monitor settings without having to reach for it and select the video input in use.

Common issues

Although a mid ranged camera, there are a few issues to be seen.

  • Poor monitor in direct sunlight

    When exposed to high levels of direct sunlight the low contrast ratio make the screen difficult to see as there is no shade surround for the screen. Mount accordingly.

  • Issues with pop up mechanism

    A few users have noted the pop up mechanism failing, beginning to have a mind of it’s own, popping up randomly.

  • Poor manufacturer support

    Despite the YanTech USA name, these are chinese made cameras and when they go wrong, there is no reply from the supplier. Buyer beware.

Is the YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam for you?

With the only special thing about this camera being the pop-up mechanism it’s hard to recommend when you take into account the poor manufacturer support.

For the inflated price tag, you would be far better served stretching a little more for the Rear View Safety RVS-770613 or saving considerable money and picking up the Pyle PLCM7200 backup cam.

Where to Buy

The YanTech Camera is available from Amazon here with big reasonable discount:

If you are looking to get it slightly cheaper or even second hand, you might want to check these prices at:

YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam Resources

Manufacturers Product Page

YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam Specifications

YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam System
YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam feature
Price $177.99
(Check Prices)
Wired/Wireless Wired
Screen 2.5″ LCD TFT
Waterproof Camera check
Parking Assist cross
Night Vision check
Camera Mount Type Flat Mount
Monitor Mount Type Adhesive
Camera Resolution 519×492
Monitor Resolution 640×480
Viewing Angle 120
Video Inputs 2

Wrap Up

YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam

YanTech 5 LCD & Backup Cam

Daytime Video Quality


    Night Time Video Quality




        Value for Money



          • - Pop Up Feature
          • - Feature Rich


          • - Poor Manufacturer support
          • - Expensive

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