Rupse Wireless IR backup cam with 7″ Monitor review

The Rupse 7-inch HD Monitor Wireless IR Night Vision Rear View Backup Camera System for RV Truck Trailer Bus or Fifth-Wheel is a package from Rupse combining all their individual car electronic equipment into a single package. It provides you with everything you need to get a wireless backup camera setup on your RV or other large vehicle.

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The package comes with a 7″ monitor and mount, a reverse camera, a remote control, 2 wireless dongles, the appropriate cables to install and a monitor.

Rupse Wireless IR backup cam & 7″ monitor Camera

As quite an expensive camera, the monitor and camera feels pretty solid when removed from the box. The materials feel good in the hand and the buttons are reassuringly clunky to push. The camera itself also feels solid with a solid mounting bracket. One odd feature is that the wireless antenna is actually attached to the rear of the camera which may make this difficult to mount in some cases. The system includes 18 integrated IR lights for night vision but the quality is not what you’d expect from this price point. The camera is capable of filming in both NTSC: 510×492 PAL: 500×582.

The camera is also capable of filming at a wide angle of 130 degrees, pretty standard for this level of camera. Rupse state that the camera is capable of withstanding a jolt of up to 10G, which is the only camera that is stated as being capable of doing this but we were unable to test that claim. The camera is rated as waterproof at grade IP68 so should be weather proof also.

Rupse Wireless IR backup cam & 7″ monitor

The monitor is, as stated, well made as is the mount. It comes with a screw in mount, designed to screw into your dash to keep it secure. A remote control is also supplied to change the channel on the screen to other potential inputs. The monitor is sharp and is capable of displaying at 800×480, disappointing at this price point. The operating temperature is stated as -20c to 70c. Again, pretty standard for most in car electronics. Thew viewing angle of the monitor is particularly good, allowing it to be seen at some more extreme angles too.

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Rupse Wireless IR backup cam & 7″ monitor Features

  • Good build Quality

    The Rupse Wireless IR Backup camera and monitor is constructed from quality materials and are built to last.

  • Night vision

    The camera has 18 built in IR LEDs, allowing you to see at night.

  • Sound system

    The camera has a mic and monitor has a speaker, allowing you to hear what’s going on or even directions from someone guiding you.

Common issues

For a mid to high range camera, there is a few quality issues.:

  • Poor reliability

    A number of purchasers have noted the camera and or monitor not working when taking out the box or failing after minimal use. They manufacturer have been responsive about replacements though.

  • Poor instructions

    The supplied instructions are not as clear as they could be and may make it difficult to install for those unfamiliar with car electronics.

  • Poor wireless reception

    Although not a lot of interference, the reception from the camera is hit or miss. There seems to be a knack to getting a good reception and correct positioning is required to make the most of it.

Is the Rupse Wireless IR backup cam for you?

Rupse Wireless IR backup cam & 7″ monitor is an expensive camera system with great build quality but a few too many flaws to recommend.

If you are looking for a good quality wireless camera, you’d be far better with a Tadibrothers wireless backup camera with 5″ monitor for less money.

Where to Buy

The Rupse Wireless IR backup cam & 7″ monitor is available from Amazon here:

If you are looking to get it slightly cheaper or even second hand, you might want to check these prices at:

Rupse Wireless IR backup cam & 7″ monitor Resources

Manufacturers Product Page

Rupse Wireless IR backup cam & 7″ monitor Specs

Rupse Wireless IR backup cam & 7″ monitor
Rupse IR Wireless & 7in Monitor Feature
Price $259.00
(Check Prices)
Wired/Wireless Wireless
Screen 7″ LCD TFT
Waterproof Camera check
Parking Assist check
Night Vision check
Camera Mount Type Flat Mount
Monitor Mount Type Screw
Camera Resolution 500×582
Monitor Resolution 800×480
Viewing Angle 130 degrees
Video Inputs 2

Wrap Up

Rupse Wireless IR backup cam with 7

Rupse Wireless IR backup cam with 7

Daytime Video Quality


    Night time video quality




        Value for money



          • - Good build quality
          • - Not much interference


          • - Weak wireless
          • - Reliability issues

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