Rosco STSK7665 Backup Camera and 7″ Screen Review

Rosco Vision have been in the automotive vision safety industry for over 100 year, albeit not making backup cameras for this entire time. They are a US based company and have built up considerable respect over the years with quality products and fantastic customer support. The Rosco STSK7665 Rearview Backup Camera System Complete with 7-inch Color Monitor, Weather Proof Camera, 65-ft Harness is a product towards the bottom of their backup camera range, designed specifically for larger vehicles with their 20m/66ft cable.

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The Rosco STSK7665 monitor and backup cam comes with everything you need to install and setup this camera including the camera, the 7″ monitor without mount, the 66ft cable that carries all the data and power and the various connections required. The install is not too bad as there is only the 1 cable to worry about but often required a hole to be drilled (grommet supplied). If you are not comfortable with this, it may be wise to have it installed professionally after delivery.

Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam Camera

The camera that comes in the pack is very high quality and capable of producing clear, vibrant footage. The camera is cable of capturing footage at 660×380, a respectable resolution for a camera of this price. The viewing angle is 115 degrees so although not particularly wide, it does help prevent any distortion of the image through a fisheye style lens. The camera is also waterproof to an IP67 Grade, shock and vibrant resistant and comes with a handy sunshield to keep a lot of the glare out of the camera. However in direct sunlight, there is can be difficult to get a clear picture from the camera.

One of the better features of the camera is the inclusion of 18 infra-red LED lights that automatically switch on when in reverse and it’s dark outside. This allows you to see a surprising distance at night, up to 40ft on a good night. Also included is a mic that will pick up audio and transmit it to the monitor to be played through the speaker. This allows verbal direction to be more effective if you need assistance backing up into an even tighter space.

Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam monitor

The 7″ widescreen monitor has an aspect ration of 16:9 and a resolution of 1296×211. It is designed to be powered by a direct connection to the 12v power supply in your car, not via the cigarette lighter port. The monitor has a switch that allows you to reverse the image on the screen, very helpful for people who prefer this view. The operating temperature of the device is also very respectable, from -20c to 65c.

The other noteworthy feature is the extra long cable at 66ft, enough for all but the biggest motorhome. This camera is designed for larger vehicles such as RVs and larger commercial vehicles but can easily be installed in a normal sized vehicle by coiling the cable.

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Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam Features

  • Night Vision

    Included with the camera is 18 infra-red LED lights that provide excellent night vision capability.

  • 7″ Full color LCD monitor

    The 7″ monitor provides a great, sharp picture and clamps very securely to the dashboard.

  • 115 Degree Wide-Angle camera

    The camera is capable of capturing detail at 115 degrees, enough to provide a wide picture but not too much as to distort the video.

  • 1 year manufacturers warranty

    Because of the excellent support offered by Rosco Vision, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your investment is safe and covered should it fail.

Common issues

Although a very popular product, there have been very few issues reported.

  • Monitor Failure

    An extremely small number of owners have reported the monitors failing but all have been replaced under manufacturers warranty.

  • Proprietary cable

    The cable used is only produced by Rosco Vision so cannot be replaced with shorter/longer cables from alternate sources.

Is the Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam for you?

The Rosco STSK7665 Backup cam and 7″ monitor is a great mid ranged, wired camera from Rosco Vision. It’s a solid unit with great build quality and excellent manufacturers support. If you are looking for a no-nonsense, reliable camera that isn’t over loaded with filler features.

The only drawback with the lack of features means that the price is not great value for money. Although worth the money for the build quality and support, it’s not a “great deal”. The camera is solid and worth a purchase though.

Where to Buy

The YanTech Camera is available from Amazon here with big reasonable discount:

If you are looking to get it slightly cheaper or even second hand, you might want to check these prices at:

Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam Resources

Manufacturers product Page

Rosco STSK7665

Product Brochure

Rosco STSK7665 Brochure


Rosco STSK7665 Manual

Manufacturers Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

Manufacturers product Video

Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam Specifications

Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam
Rosco STSK7665 Backup Camera and monitor feature1
Price $169.99
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Wired/Wireless Wired
Screen 7″ LCD TFT
Waterproof Camera check
Parking Assist cross
Night Vision check
Camera Mount Type Flat Mount
Monitor Mount Type Adhesive/Screws
Camera Resolution 560×380
Monitor Resolution 1296×211
Viewing Angle 115
Video Inputs 1

Wrap Up

Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam

Rosco STSK7665 Backup Cam

Daytime Video Quality


    Night time video quality




        Value for Money



          • - Great Manufacturer Support
          • - Excellent Video Quality
          • - Brilliant Build Quality
          • - Great Instructions


          • - Lacks Features

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