Peak PKC0RB Wireless Back-Up Camera Review

The Peak PKC0RB Wireless Back-Up Camera System is another entry level wireless backup camera by Peak Auto, a subsidiary of Old world Industries. Peak Auto specialise in automotive electronics and is the 3.5″ screen version of their range of backup camera packages. They also manufacture a 4.3″ and 7″ variant of the product. They all use the same camera, and the same camera as the PKC0RG.

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Peak PKC0RB Camera and Rear View Monitor Feature (Check Prices)

The monitor is interesting, as it’s a small 3.5″ screen nested into the left hand side of the rear view mirror. The leaves plenty room to always be able to view your mirror at the same time as being able to see your reversing camera when in reverse (if you wire it up that way.).

Peak PKC0RB Camera

As the camera is the same as the PKCC0RG, I’ll echo here what I wrote in that review. The camera video quality is acceptable and the wireless transmission seems to be good enough to work on larger vehicles such as vans and pickup trucks. These systems face the same issue as the PKC0RG in that the wireless has problems with interference and it picks up various other wireless signals in built up city areas. For this reason, it’s best to attach both the monitor and the camera to the power supplied to the reverse light, so they only turn on when the car is put into reverse gear.up both the camera and monitors power to the reversing light power, meaning the monitor only comes on when in reverse. It also records at a rather poor 640×480 resolution with a viewing angle of 110 degrees.

Peak PKC0RB Monitor

The monitor varies in size depending on which package you order but the build quality remains pretty solid in all the screens. The buttons feel solid and satisfying to push and the picture is clear and vibrant. The of the buttons are good and the device is easy to operate. The resolution appears the same on all 3 screens and they get less sharp as they go up in size because of this. The monitor resolution is not publish on the vendors website.

Peak PKC0RB Gallery

Peak PKC0RB Features

  • Wireless Transmitter

    The camera is connected to the rearview mirror monitor wirelessly making installation easier and quicker.

  • 90 Day limited warranty

    The camera and screen comes with a 90 day manufacturer’s limited warranty to give you peace of mind when purchasing.

  • 110 Degree wide angle viewing

    The camera comes with the ability to view 110 degrees behind it so you can see more when you reverse.

Common issues

With an entry level product, there is always going to be shortcuts taken. A few issues include:

  • Interference

    When in the countryside this isn’t an issue, but in any town centre or city, there is a large amount of interference, picked up as static or competing video signals on the monitor. This can be quite distracting.

  • Interferes with Bluetooth

    The frequency this camera operates at interferes with bluetooth connectivity such as hands free car kits and headsets.

  • Water damage on camera

    Although advertised as waterproof, there has been a number of reports of water leaking into the camera and breaking it. This has often been outwith the 90 day warranty and a replacement camera must be purchased.

Is the Peak PKC0RB Backup Camera for you?

The one reason to purchase this camera is the wireless feature and it’s comparatively low price. If you must opt for a cheap wireless camera, this is a suitable product, so long as you don’t live in a city.

If you live in a city, then you are much better off getting a wired device that will not pick up so much interference.

Where to Buy

The 3.5″ package can be picked up from Amazon here:

The 4.3″ package can be picked up from Amazon here:

The 7″ package can be picked up from Amazon here:

If you are looking to get it slightly cheaper or even second hand, you might want to check these prices at:

Peak PKC0RB Backup Camera Resources

Manufacturers 3.5″ Website

Manufacturers 3.5″ Specifications

Manufacturers 3.5″ Manual

Manufacturers 4.3″ Website

Manufacturers 4.3″ Specifications

Manufacturers 4.3″ Manual

Manufacturers 7″ Website

Manufacturers 7″ Specifications

Manufacturers 7″ Manual

Peak PKC0RG Vendor Installation Instructions

Peak PKC0RB Backup Camera Specifications

Peak PKC0RB Backup Camera
Peak PKC0RB Camera and Rear View Monitor Feature
Price $79.00
(Check Prices)
Wired/Wireless Wireless
Screen 3.5″ , 4.3″ and 7″LCD
Waterproof Camera check
Parking Assist check
Night Vision cross
Camera Mount Type Number Plate
Monitor Mount Type Suction
Camera Resolution 640 x 480
Monitor Resolution Not Specified
Viewing Angle 110 degrees
Video Inputs 2

Wrap Up

Peak PKC0RB Wireless Back-Up Camera

Peak PKC0RB Wireless Back-Up Camera

Daytime Video Quality


    Night Time Video Quality




        Value for Money



          • - Wireless Feature
          • - Decent screen selection
          • - Good Instructions


          • - Wireless Interference
          • - Bluetooth Interference
          • - Water Damage common
          • - Poor in dark

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