AGPtek® Back up License Plate CMOS Wide Angle Camera Review

The AGPtek® Back up License Plate CMOS Wide Angle Camera w/7 LED Night Vision + 4.3″ TFT LCD Adjustable rear view Monitor Screen is a relatively cheap and cheerful, entry level vehicle backup camera, available from Amazon. It is a simple and low quality camera with a wired connection to a 4.3″ TFT screen, suitable for mounting inside your vehicle. As a budget unit, it doesn’t have a wide range of additional features and just scrapes by with bare minimum required to see behind your vehicle with acceptable quality.

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The pack includes everything you need to have a basic backup camera installed in your vehicle with all the appropriate leads and connectors. It is supplied with 6m cables (around 20′) so should fit most vans and all but the longest RVs.

AGPtek Wide Angle Camera and Screen Camera

As noted above, the camera is a very basic affair that is designed to be mounted on a number plate. The mounting is fairly easy and went on without much problems. Obviously this is a cabled device so a cable needs to run from the camera to the screen mounted in your drivers cabin. The 6m cable supplied gives ample length to hide the cabling. The camera is capable of filming at Native NTSC or PAL resolutions (628 x 586 and 510×496) but the resolution of the monitor supplied is only 480×272. The camera is waterproof to an extend (Grade IP68) but shouldn’t be totally submersed in water. It is designed to be powered by your reversing light, supplying power only when your vehicle is in reverse. This in turn activates the monitor only when the signal is being received as with most reversing cameras. The camera didn’t steam up with condensation during our tests and for it’s price, does a decent job but just without much detail. Although this is sold as “wide angle”, the angle isn’t specified and it isn’t very wide, stated at only 120 degrees.

AGPtek Wide Angle Camera and Screen Monitor

The included 4.3″ TFT monitor displays pictures at 480×272 pixels, quite limited by most standards. It is designed to be active when a signal is received and remains off until then. When the camera is powered from your reversing light, it comes on when in reverse, sending an AV signal to the monitor when awake. The monitor also has a 2nd AV input in order to plug in another audio source such as a DVD player, not that you would be able to see much on this screen. The screen lacks colour and contrast making it difficult to see during direct sunlight. Again, at it’s most basic level, it manages to perform it’s role and allows you to see behind you.

AGPtek Wide Angle Camera and Screen Gallery

AGPtek Wide Angle Camera and Screen Features

  • Auto Switching when in reverse

    The included 4.3″ tft monitor is designed to power on when an AV signal is received, saving power when not required.

Common issues

With such a budget model, you would expect a number of reliability issues and you’d not be wrong.

  • DOA Units

    A worryingly large number of customers have received units that flat out don’t work when delivered. Either the monitor, camera or both simply don’t work. These must be returned and be replaced to fix.

  • Camera Steaming up

    The camera is not particularly water resistance and has been noted to gather considerable condensation in humid conditions. This blocks the image when reversing leaving the camera often unusable. This seems to be more of a design flaw than a defective individual unit.

  • Poor quality instructions

    If you are looking for a camera to install yourself, you may better opting for a camera with better written instruction. The instructions supplied are in poorly translated English and are very difficult to follow. Unless you already know what you’re doing, you may well struggle with the installation.

  • Limited vision at night

    The picture at night is particularly poor and is difficult to use unless reversing in a well lit area.

  • Weak Monitor Adhesive

    The adhesive supplied to attach the monitor to the dashboard is quite poor and most people have to use their own methods to month such as strong double sided tape.

Is the AGPtek Camera and Screen right for you?

The AGPtek Wide Angle Camera and Screen is an extremely budget camera and should be avoided unless your budget absolutely can’t stretch any further. With all the quality issues, you will be lucky to get a fully functional camera that lasts a long time and that’s if you can install it.

Although very basic, it still has components fail and suffers from poor build quality. We’d advise investing a little more to get a better camera and monitor.

Where to Buy

If you absolutely can’t stretch any further, you can get a good deal on the AGPtek Wide Angle Camera and Screen from amazon:

If you are looking to get it slightly cheaper or even second hand, you might want to check these prices at:

AGPtek Wide Angle Camera and Screen Specifications

AGPtek Wide Angle Camera and Screen
B40 A118 Camera
Price $43.99
(Check Prices)
Wired/Wireless Wired
Screen 4.3″ TFT
Waterproof Camera check
Parking Assist check
Night Vision cross
Camera Mount Type Number Plate
Monitor Mount Type Adhesive
Camera Resolution 628×586
Monitor Resolution 480×272
Viewing Angle 120 degrees
Video Inputs 2

Wrap Up

AGPtek Wide Angle Camera snd Screen

AGPtek Wide Angle Camera snd Screen

Daytime Video Quality


    Night time Video Quality




        Value for Money



          • - Functional at reasonable Price


          • - Build Quality
          • - Reliability
          • - Camera Condensation
          • - Poor Instructions

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