What is a Good Dash Cam to Buy in 2015?

With the help of advanced video technology, people can now be much safer on the road. The recent advancements in technology do not only make vehicles safer but also enables the drive to easily evaluate and measure driving behavior. This is one of the reasons why most vehicles today have dashboard cameras installed. In this article, we will discuss what is a good dash cam to buy.

What is a Dashboard Camera?

Best Dashboard CameraA dashboard camera refers to a video equipment that can be installed inside a vehicle, usually on the windshield. The majority of dash cameras sold in the market today have both audio and video capabilities. A dashboard camera can record any scene and sound while the vehicle is being driven. This can provide you with hours of footage to record the happening on the journey. The majority of the dashboard cameras sold in the market are forward-facing but dual lens dashboard cameras are becoming more popular lately as well.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Dashboard Camera?

Most vehicles recently introduced in the market already come equipped with their own dash cams. Nonetheless, you can easily install one yourself in case your vehicle doesn’t have one. Installing a dash cam has become a must for many drivers because of its numerous benefits.

Road accidents usually happen in an instant and most people involved in vehicular accidents tend to have difficulties recalling all the details or even give exact details about what happened. Most of the time, the parties involved provide different statements to the police during the investigation. This is because they have been traumatized or they just don’t want to take the blame. This is where dashboard cameras can be helpful as the footage records the facts. The video recorded by the dash cam can be useful in court and help you avoid charges if you are not at fault.

A dash cam can also help you from insurance fraud as there are some drivers and pedestrians who intentionally cause accidents in order to sue to get a large sum of money for settlement. Faked injuries, false claims, and other unfounded accusations have cost drivers thousands of dollars in legal fees and payouts. A dashboard camera can provide all the evidence to protect you from fraud so you don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of money who you are not to blame.

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How to Install a Dashboard Camera?

A typical dashboard camera setup is made up of a basic fixed lens digital camera to record the video and then a microphone to record the audio. The video recording is then stored in a media card. The dashboard camera unit can be installed on the vehicle’s front window using an adjustable armature and suction cup. The dash cam records on a continuous loop. The unit is usually powered by a standard 12V plug or by wiring the unit directly into an accessory circuit. There are two ways to mount a dash cam, either you go with plug and go method or hardwire installation.

Plug & Go Method

In this method, you will need to attach the dashboard camera to the front window of your vehicle. Make sure that the lens of the camera is centered. Rotate the camera accordingly to get the correct shooting angle. Hide the camera’s wire along the vehicle’s headliner. Hide the wire between both pillars and the rest of the wire underneath the carpet. Plug the adapter to the vehicle’s cigarette power socket.

Hardwire Installation

Locate the fuse box of the vehicle and secure the fuse map. Determine which fuse has power and which one does not when the vehicle is off. Ensure that you install the camera only when the vehicle is off and utilize a voltmeter or a fuse checker to identify which fuse to use. You can refer to the manual for the next steps as instructions vary from one model to the other. This type of installation is best done by a professional.

What is a Good Dash Cam to Buy?

ZeroEdge HD Dash Cam Review

ZeroEdge is the best dash cam to buy The ZeroEdge HD Dash Cam is perhaps one of the best in the market. The product’s main selling point is its automatic seamless recording capability usually stored in a loop in its 16GB TF card. When the media card reaches its maximal capacity, the old videos recorded will be overwritten by the newer one. This means that there is no need to purchase a new media card once it gets full. The video clip length can also be customized into 1, 3, 5, 10-minute clips.

It also comes with a one-button audio recording on/off feature for privacy protection concerns. The microphone sensitivity can also be manually adjusted when recording an audio. You can also take pictures with a great resolution of 5 megapixels with just a push of a button. The unit also comes with an ignition detection capability. The dash cam automatically turns on and record as soon as the vehicle’s engine starts and turns off once the engine is turned off.

It also features motion detection that enables you to pause video recording 30 seconds after the vehicle stops moving and automatically records as soon as the vehicle moves. It also comes with crash detection capability. The dash cam’s highly-sensitive G-sensor can start video recording automatically and lock the video file in case of collision or crash. The G-sensor’s sensitivity can be manually adjusted to a low, mid and high level of detection.

It also features vibration detection as the dash cam can automatically turn on and record video footage when vibration is detected. You can check the video footage recorded while the vehicle is parked through the unit’s Time Lapse Recording feature that enables you to see a quick overview of the happenings recorded during parking.

In terms of video quality, the dash cam offers full HD video with resolutions of 540×480, 1280×720, and 1920×1080. The video format and audio encoding makes use of AVI/AAC/H.264 formats which are compatible to many devices. The unit also ensures great picture quality even at night because of its low light compensation.whats in the box of ZeroEdge


  • Easy to set up
  • Great video and picture quality
  • Good video quality even in low light conditions
  • Small and compact
  • Comes with multiple recording functions
  • Affordable


  • Records uncompressed videos meaning video footage eats up quite some space of the media card, but unit manages to record everything by overwriting old footage
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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, a dash cam has become a must-have for any vehicle due to the increasing number of accidents. Most dashboard cameras in the market do not cost that much and investing on one can help your life and finances just in case you find yourself in an accident. If you are wondering what is a good dash cam to buy, the ZeroEdge is highly recommended.