Best Wireless Backup Camera for Trucks in 2015

best wireless backup camera for trucksMost people feel safe when driving in a truck because of the vehicle’s size. However, the reality is that there are some drawbacks when driving on the road with a large vehicle. The main problem with large vehicles like trucks is that there are huge blind spots which can cause problems when driving or reversing the vehicle. You will likely need to turn around to ensure that everything is clear as you just can’t see all obstacles in the rear view mirror. Fortunately, you can install the best wireless backup camera for trucks to have a visual of your surroundings.

What is a Wireless Camera?

A backup camera is a special device that is mounted at the rear of a vehicle to help drivers see what is directly behind the vehicle when driving or backing up. The backup camera transmits a signal to a monitor installed to the vehicle’s dashboard. Installing a backup camera is essential to most large vehicles like trucks because of their are huge blind spots that usually cause accidents. There are two types of backup camera: wired and wireless cameras.

As the name implies, a wired backup camera transmits the video feed to the monitor through a wire. On the other hand, a wireless camera transmits signals wirelessly through the air.

Advantages of the Best Wireless Back Camera for Trucks

The main advantage of purchasing a wireless backup camera is that it is easy to install. There is no need to hire a professional to install the device as you can simply follow the instructions and you are good to go. Another advantage is that you can install multiple cameras in the future, if the need arises. Also, you can easily swap out the device for a newer model easily and quickly in just under an hour.

Two Types of Wireless Cameras

There are two ways to get a wireless camera. First is the pre-assembled models that you can directly purchase in the market. This type of camera is ready-to-use right after installation.

On the other hand, you can actually make a wired camera to function wirelessly by using an adapter. The adapter is attached to the device to convert it to a wireless video system using wireless video receiver technology.

Best Wireless Backup Camera for Trucks

Peak PKC0BU4 4.3-Inch Digital Wireless Camera Review

Peak PKC0BU4 wireless backup camera reviewPeak is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive products with 40 years of tenure in the industry. The Peak PKC0BU4 Wireless 4.3-Inch Digital Wireless Back-Up Camera is one of its products after years of research and development to provide its customers with high-quality automotive products. The wireless backup camera is a great peripheral to any vehicle, especially for large trucks.

This Peak wireless backup camera offers a safe way to drive and back-up your vehicle.  It comes with a new digital technology and efficiently eliminates interference from Bluetooth devices. It also provides the user the ability to add another camera. The device also removes “cross talk” from other devices with transmitters. If you are looking for a backup camera for your truck, this one fits the bill just right.

The Peak PKC0BU4 also comes with an easy-to-install camera that easily mounts to your truck’s license plate.  The system comes with a 4.3-inch colored LCD monitor that can easily be installed to your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield via its suction cup. Every time you put your truck in reverse, the system automatically activates. When your vehicle is not in reverse, the screen and system remain off in order not to distract the driver.

The combination camera transmitter that you will install to the back of your truck’s license plate can provide you with complete rearview coverage. The device also enables you to have a 10-feet viewing range and a wide 110 degree viewing angle. This enables you to see what is behind your truck without relying on your side mirror or turning around your head. The device is powered by a 12V DC power cord and all necessary mounting hardware are included in the package.


  • Wide viewing angle and viewing range
  • Easy to install
  • Great performance even in low light conditions
  • Superb picture quality


  • Minimal moisture problems
  • Screen size may be too small for some users

Best Adapter to Convert a Backup Camera to Wireless

Esky Video Transmitter and Receiver for Vehicle Backup Camera / Front Car Camera

Esky Video Transmitter and Receiver for wired camera to become wirelessEsky is another reputable brand when it comes to technological products and their automotive products are highly regarded for their performance and overall quality. One of their popular products is the Esky 2.4G Wireless Color Video Transmitter and Receiver. It is an efficient video transmitter and receiver that converts a conventional backup camera into a wireless type.

Using this video transmitter and receiver is fairly easy. All you need to do is connect your truck’s LCD display monitor with the receiver and rearview camera with the transmitter. This will then convert your traditional wired backup camera into a fully functioning wireless system. Any DC 12V vehicle can power both the receiver and transmitter. This product is recommended for larger models as it can transmit signals even at a 45-feet transmission range.

The package comes with a 2.4G wireless transmitter and receiver, a convenient user manual and a warranty card that can come handy in case the product has some issues in the future. The 2.4G video receiver and transmitter do not have any complex wiring. It easily works with a camera, DVD player, head unit, any in-car monitor, etc. If you are looking to install a used wired backup camera from one of your smaller cars to your truck, chances are the wires will be too short. If purchasing a new set of backup camera is out of your budget, then converting the old unit to a wireless model would be a great idea and this product does that work perfectly.


  • Easy installation
  • Can easily be used with any type of monitor
  • 100-meter working range


  • None

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for products that can help you backup your truck to avoid any accidents, then check out the best wireless backup camera for trucks. Remember that it is a driver’s responsibility to drive safely. Getting the right accessories for your vehicle is a part of that responsibility!