Best Backup Camera with Night Vision

Going in reverse is perhaps one of the most difficult and dangerous aspects of driving for many people. Drivers can still have blind spots despite having perfectly adjusted rearview mirrors. As a result, many drivers have issues with parallel parking and cause accidents like bumping into another car or object while trying to back up the car. With the help of advanced car accessories like the best backup camera with night vision capabilities, you would be able to eliminate blind spots and reduce the risk of getting yourself into an accident.

Importance of a Backup Camera

best backup camera with night vision reviewA backup camera is normally mounted to the rear of a vehicle. The camera has the ability to transmit video feed to a monitor that is installed in the vehicle’s dashboard. This enables the driver to conveniently see what is behind their car without looking at the rearview mirror or save them from the hassles of twisting their necks.

Aside from backing up your car with ease, a backup camera can also help you change lanes on highways easier and safer. The majority of vehicles that are sold in the market already come preinstalled with backup camera. If your vehicle does not have one, you can have it installed by yourself. Before you install one, you need to know what to look for in a backup camera so you get the right brand and model that suits your vehicle and needs.

What is Night Vision?

Night vision refers to the ability to clearly see even in low light conditions. Biologically, night vision is an ability inherent to deep sea and nocturnal animals. Technologically-speaking, night vision is widely used in many technological applications like security and surveillance cameras. Night vision is also used is the military for search and rescue purposes. Recently, night vision is applied to home cameras, hiking gadgets and vehicle backup cameras.

what is night vision

More about Backup Cameras with Night Vision

In today’s fast-paced world, many people travel at night. However, most accident usually happens at night due to the absence of illumination. Most of the time, the illumination emitted by the vehicle’s reverse lights is not ample enough for backing in the dark. With the help of a backup camera with night vision feature, you would be able to properly backup and park your car despite the environment’s low light condition.

Best Backup Camera with Night Vision

We went through hundreds of products to narrow down the top 2 bet backup cameras with night vision. Check them out below:

1. eSky EC170-09 LED Night Vision Camera with License Plate Frame Review

eSky EC170-09 backup camera with night visionThe Esky EC170-09 is a backup camera primarily designed to provide users with great convenience when backing or parking their vehicle. It sports a metal frame construction with a great-looking chrome finish. It perfectly fits any vehicle and once mounted, the backup camera is nearly visible.

This backup camera has been manufactured by Esky, a world-renown technological company, with quality and performance in mind. It comes with an IP67-compliant weatherproofing which aids the camera to perform even in the most adverse weather condition. It also features night vision infrared LEDs which enable you to easily back your car even at night. This backup camera also comes equipped with a 170-degree lens which provide you with larger viewing fields compared to other backup cameras in the market. This means that you are able to eliminate blinds pots and back your vehicle conveniently. The lens is also fully tiltable up and down.

The eSky EC170-09 features a mirror image. It is also important to note that it only supports NTSC video systems. Therefore, you need to choose the monitor that supports such system. When installing the camera, make sure that you connect its power cable to harness wires that connect to the vehicle’s backup light located in its tail light assembly.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Great chrome finish
  • Night-time is excellent due to the camera’s numerous infrared LEDs
  • Guidelines that come along in the package area good and easy to follow


  • Mediocre daytime image due to the camera’s infrared sensitive nature
  • Video cable may not be long enough for larger vehicles
  • Inaccurate color during daytime
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2. eSky Rear View Backup Camera – Attach to License Plate Frame

esky backup camera reviewThis is another equally excellent backup camera from eSky that comes equipped with 8 LEDs. It is a one of the highly recommended vehicle accessories in the market to help drivers when it comes to backing and driving their vehicles, especially at night. With this backup camera, you are able to clearly view real-time images in the rear side of the vehicle.

The backup camera also comes with a high definition color CCD image sensor that approximately measures ¼ inch that can give you a wide 180-degree large viewing field. This means that you would be able to eliminate blind spots when backing your vehicle. In terms of installation, the camera can be easily mounted on the vehicle with the help of the two holes found on the nameplate.

Since the camera sports a sleek design, it appears almost invisible to the eye after installation. Its frame is made of high-quality metal which is a perfect fit for any vehicle. Just like most of Esky’s backup cameras, this model also comes with an IP67-compliant weatherproofing capability which makes it function effectively even in bad weather conditions. You can even submerge it on water without damaging.

In terms of image resolution, it emits 480 TV lines or 717 x 669 pixels which is more than enough for a backup camera. It also features 9 night vision LEDS for enhanced visibility during low light conditions and nighttime. If you frequently travel at night, installing this camera to your car is highly recommended so that you can easily drive and back your car with ease. It also features a one button control to adjust the camera’s angles and to turn it on or off.esky night vision back up camera without needing to drill holes


  • Durable construction
  • Great image resolution during daytime
  • Excellent and easy to follow guidelines
  • Great night vision capabilities


  • Video cable may be shorter for larger vehicles

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Final Thoughts

These are two of best backup camera with night vision capabilities. As you can see, they are both from eSky line of products. They make some of the best cameras in the market for cars.

Although both share nearly the same set of features and the almost priced the same, each comes with unique features that may be helpful to a variety of drivers. Carefully choose the one that suits your vehicle and personal preference for a seamless backing and driving at night.