Black Box, WickedHD, Spy Tec G1W Dash Cam Review

One of the most popular dash cameras over the last few years if from a Chinese manufacturer, known here as Black Box. This is a mid-low end entry and is one of the best choices for it’s price bracket. It’s been replicated many times and is known by different names and also has a few legitimate different models, adding different features.

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Because of it’s popularity however, there has been a bit of a problem with fake products in the market place. These can be spotted if the correct questions are asked or if the details are advertised on the site, we will go through these checks later in the article.

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Black Box G1W Camera and Lens

For such a budget camera, the G1W packs an impressive lens and processor, capable of filming 1080p at 30 fps with great quality footage during the day. The camera comes complete with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) that assists the camera when switching from day time to night time. Although the day time footage is great quality, the night quality is not as good as some other WDR equipped cameras. When compared to other cameras in the price point however, the night quality is good.

Black Box G1W Hardware

The G1W comes with an integrated G-Sensor used to activate emergency lock on the footage if it detects a bump. It also comes equipped with a large screen at 2.7″ with a bright LCD colour display. Although the device is large, it’s shape allows it to tuck in behind a rear view mirror making it more discreet than some of the boxier cameras out there.

Black Box G1WH and G1W-C

As noted earlier, there are 2 variations of this popular camera, both offering slight advantages over the base model for a little more outlay. Which is right for you depends on if the extra features is something you need.

The Black Box G1WH is pretty much identical to the base model other than the lens. The new wide angle lens now allows the camera to film at a slightly wider angle and only costs a few dollars more.

The Black Box G1W-C again is very similar to the base model, the difference being in the way it stores power. The G1W comes with a battery whereas the G1W-C is equipped with a capacitor. This allows the camera to thrive in more challenging environments with both a higher and lower heat tolerance. Again, this feature is a few dollars more and if you live in such an environment, that could be the right choice.

Black Box G1W Fakes

Due to the sheer popularity of the camera, there is a number of fakes available from various trustworthy websites (such as Amazon and ebay) so you must take care when buying this camera anywhere. These fakes are normally constructed with far inferior components and sold for a similar price. The image and overall build quality really suffer in these fakes so you must protect yourself as best you can.

There are a few tell-tale signs but you can’t inspect a camera when you purchase it online. Your best best is to either follow the links on this site that lead to a 100% genuine model or to thoroughly check out the seller and ensure it has the correct component (NT96650 processor and AR0330 CMOS sensor). If you aren’t totally sure of the seller, make sure to use the link below for the genuine product.

Black Box G1W Gallery

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Black Box G1W Features

  • Built In G-Sensor

    The G-Sensor monitors for any collisions and if detected, will lock and keep the most recent footage safe so you can use it as proof in any situation.

  • Integrated Microphone

    With an inbuild microphone, the device is capable of capturing not just video footage, but audio footage, and when combined with the swivel mount can record events in and around the car as well.

  • 2.7″ LCD Screen

    The high resolution TFT LCD screen allows you to configure and mount the device properly and preview the footage you will be recording.

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Common issues

There are a few reported faults with the camera that have been reported by multiple owners. They are as follows:

  • Build Quality

    A number of people have noted a light weight device with poor build quality. This is likely due to the need to cut costs somewhere as there are some good components in such a cheap camera.

  • Loose USB connection

    The USB connector on the camera doesn’t “grip” the cable tightly. This is caused by the mount not being set correctly. You can re-adjust the holding pins with pliers by opening the camera casing.

  • FM Interference

    A number of owners have reported issues where the camera being switched on interferes with the FM radio band. This has generally been fixed by replacing the power cable of the device and is not very common.

  • Screen Saver Lockouts

    There has been a number of reports of the device not functioning properly when entering screensaver mode. After 3 minutes, the device is goes into screen saver mode but often won’t recover. This can corrupt the footage but also seems to be very rare.

Is the Black Box G1W Dash Cam right for you?

With the sheer quality of the components and quality of the video, you will be hard pressed to a better or even equal camera for a better price. This is one of the few “low end” cameras we can recommend and is one of the best available. If however, you can spend as little as $20, you would be better opting for the B40 / A118 which packages the same hardware, in a smaller package, with better quality results.

Although there are some issues as noted above, the seem to affect a low number of units and providing you get a legitimate and not a fake, you will get a great camera. This is a best in class camera and very easy to recommend if this is as far as your budget can stretch.

Where to Buy

With such a trusted online reputation, it’s hard to recommend any websites other than Amazon. Please see the latest prices at:

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Black Box G1W Mounted

Black Box G1W-Mounted

Black Box G1W-Mounted

Black Box G1W Video Sample Day

Black Box G1W Video Sample Night

Black Box G1W Specifications

Black Box G1W
Black Box G1W
Channels 1
Screen 2.7″ Color LCD
GPS crossk

Wi-FI cross
Parking Mode cross
File Lock Manual Button and G-Sensor
Max Resolution 1080p @ 30F FPS
File Format .mov
Viewing Angle 120
Memory Card Standard Micro SD
Included Storage No card included
Max Card Supported 32GB
Mount Suction
Operating Temperature 0C – 65C
Software Compatability PC and MAC

Wrap Up

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Black Box G1W

Black Box G1W

Daytime Video Quality


    Night time Video Quality




        Value for Money



          • - Great Price
          • - Great Value for money
          • - 1080p @ 30fps
          • - Video Quality


          • - Build Quality
          • - Pitfalls with fakes
          • - Some issues

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