WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam Review

The WheelWitness HD Pro is the sole product from the Wheel Witness company and was released in late 2014 into the emerging dash camera market. It competes in the mid-ranged section of the market against such cameras as the Cobra CDR 840 and the Falcon Zero F170, some tough competition. The WheelWitness HD Pro makes it’s mark on the world with it’s “Super HD” recording resolution of 2304×1296 or 1296p (as opposed to 1080p that is 1920×1080). This extra level of clarity claims to allow even clearer footage, making it easier to pick out details such as number plates at longer distances, but does this hold up? Let’s find out.

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There have been some large discounts applied to this camera since it’s launch and it’s almost halfed in price to be more competitive in the market. Originally released at $299.99, it has now been discounted to $159.99 (at time of review) which makes it a far more tempting offer for what’s in the box.

WheelWitness HD Pro Lens

As already discussed, the top of the range components is the main selling point here, not a long feature list. The camera is capable of recording at a resolution of 2304×1296 or 1296p at 30 frames per second. There is even a spread of 170 degrees to capture a lot of information in that high detail frame. The claims that this make for a better and clearer picture is totally justified. At this resolution, you really can make out more details at greater distance and makes the footage even clearer than the standard 1080p in the market. It truly is a game changer and sooner or later, the rest of the market will need to up their game to compete.

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WheelWitness HD Pro Hardware

As noted, there is not a lot of extra bloat on this device, a lot of the camera’s “budget” seems to have been spent on the excellent lens. It comes equipped with an Ambarella A7 chip allowing the camera to process the sheer information the lens collects. Other standard features are the G-sensor, motion sensor for parking mode and a 3.0″ LCD display. The device is well build with a solid exterior. The black color allows it to blend into the car interior which is handy due to the size of the device. The 3″ screen takes up a lot of real estate but is worth it. The mount is quite short and well designed stops it needing to drop down too far into the cabin and allows it to be hidden. It may be an issue on a particularly small car but is most vehicles, will be fine.

WheelWitness HD Pro Gallery

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WheelWitness HD Pro Features

  • Super HD 1296p Video Recording

    The superior lens on the WheelWitness HD Pro captures images through its 170 degree lens at 2304×1296 at a total of 30 fps, a top range figure on a mid-range camera.

  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

    The Wide Dynamic Range allows the camera to have the best possible night vision quality by combining multiple exposure levels.

  • 3.0″ LCD 16:9 Screen

    The rear of the device is mostly taken up by a great color screen allowing for configuration and positioning.

  • Motion detector and G-Sensor

    The integrated motion detector and G-Sensor monitors the condiiton around your vehicle and records and locks the footage if a collision is detected or any motion in front is discovered.

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Common issues

Although a new camera at time of review, there is a few things to take note of:

  • Burnt charger

    A few owners have reported the charger fuse burning out during normal usage. This has been a very limited number of cases and appears to be a fault with the charger, not the camera.

  • Missing Footage

    There has been a number of reports that the device misses footage when playing back. WheelWitness have responded explaining that this happens when the G-Sensor and Motion detector are active at the same time whilst the vehicle is in motion. These should be turned off during driving.

Is the WheelWitness HD Pro right for you?

As stated, this camera is aimed at people who need a clear picture above all else. The high recording resolution allows you to get as much detail about your journeys as possible and keeps you as safe as you can be. The lack of a GPS feature is a little dissappointing and the night time vision could be a little better but over all, if you are a looking for quality daytime footage there is no better camera.

Where to Buy

The large discount is applied at Amazon makes it a great place to pick this camera up:

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WheelWitness HD Pro Resources

You can get some good resources on the WheelWitness website here:

WheelWitness Website

The Quick Start Guide can be found here:

WheelWitness HD Pro Quick Start Guide

And the Online Manual can be found here:

WheelWitness HD Pro Manual

WheelWitness HD Pro Video Sample Day

WheelWitness HD Pro Video Sample Night

WheelWitness HD Pro Specifications

WheelWitness HD Pro
Wheel Witness HD Pro Feature
Channels 1
Screen 3.0″ Color LCD
GPS crossk

Wi-FI cross
Parking Mode check
File Lock Manual Button and G-Sensor
Max Resolution 1296p @ 30F FPS
File Format .mov
Viewing Angle 170
Memory Card Standard Micro SD
Included Storage 8GB
Max Card Supported 32GB
Mount Suction
Operating Temperature N/AC
Software Compatibility PC and MAC

Wrap Up

Click here to see reviews and prices for the WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam on Amazon.com

Wheel Witness HD Pro

Wheel Witness HD Pro

Daytime Video Quality


    Night Time Video Quality




        Value for Money



          • - Excellent Image Quality
          • - Impressive Lens
          • - Reliable Hardware


          • - Lacks GPS
          • - Slightly too big

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