Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Review

The Car Black Box -Timetec Road Hawk 1080P HD Car Vehicle Road Traffic Accident/Incident Dash Windshield Dashboard Video Audio Camera Recorder Camcorder DVR System Black Box Built in Microphone, GPS, G-Sensor with SD Memory Card, Media Player of Route Tracking, 3D Forces, Google Map has become a leading dash camera in the industry, especially among corporate customers. This seems to be mainly due to many, many positive reviews online but there is a large question mark above whether or not these reviews are genuine or solicited.

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Although there is no doubt we are dealing with a good quality camera here, there has been a persistent issue that plagues the unit, relating the numerous reports of SD card issues. This combined with the fact that Timtec have been offering “gifts” in exchange for reviews leaves quite a tarred reputations, so what’s the truth?

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Lens

The camera has impressive hardware credentials, coming equipped with an Ambarella S5S processor and an Aptina CMOS sensor, both of which are without question premium components. It’s capable of recording 1080p footage at 30fps, equal to most good dash cams. The advance that this camera offers is a somewhat unique “image stabilization” feature that makes the footage captured as clear and stable as possible, capturing some of the clearest footage we have seen here at bestcarcamera.com. The great Aptina CMOS sensor also gives unparalleled night time footage making this dash cam provide the very best image quality of all cameras reviewed on this site.

The lens records at a reasonable 127 degrees, often a conscious choice amongst some of the top end cams to keep from the distorted “fish eye” look of the wider lenses available.

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Hardware

The Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 does not cram their camera with superfluous features and is therefore lacking some of the features you may expect, the most obvious omission being “parking mode”. This is largely due to the fact there is no battery in this device and cannot therefore be used for traffic stops where you are forced to turn off your engine. The build quality is second to none, the device feels solid to handle and when mounted, feels like it’s going no-where. The downside is the size of the device. This is a BIG camera, make no mistake. This is by no means a discreet camera and may explain why it’s more of a success in a commercial sector where a discrete device is less important. The included GPS is good and is equipped with a 5Hz receiver for increased lock on time. The software supplied is also second to none on this device (apart from maybe in the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH) and allow you to view all the information in your videos from times, GPS locations, speeds and g-sensor readings.

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Review Solicitation

It is well documented that Timetec initially offered a “free-gift” in exchange for reviews from their customer. Where there was no request for positive review, it’s fair to assume that at least some people may have been more forgiving of the cameras shortcomings when writing their review for fear of losing their free gift.

The free gifts amounted to little more than a $10 rebate or a variety of USB chargers, not much, but enough to generate a significant quantity of reviews, making this camera appear very popular and well received

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Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Features

  • Advanced A5s Ambarella Processor

    The latest processor included gives this camera an exceptionally good video quality at both day and night.

  • EIS – Electronic Image Stabilization

    The electronic image stabilization, especially when combined with the excellent processor and sensor, make for the best video quality available.

  • 5Hz GPS Receiver

    This advanced GPS receiver dramatically speeds up your GPS lock-on time making signal acquisition happen almost as soon as you take off.

  • SDXC Technology

    The inclusion of the SDXC technology allow this camera support up to 128GB memory cards as standard.

Common issues

There is a very well documented issue as well as some other minor grievances.

  • SD Card issue

    A number of owners have reported being unable to get any memory card to work with this, even after purchasing high quality cards that have been reported to work, even formatting withe the cameras software has not helped. Other have reported the card working initially and then fail with no warning, leaving the driver vulnerable. It seems that this is a fault with the camera and not the card and should be replaced.

  • Card Full Alert

    When not set on loop mode, the camera emits a rather irritating warning alarm when the card fills up and wont relent until the camera is either off or the card changed. It’s wise to either leave on loop mode or to keep a spare SD card with you to swap out.

  • GPS Issues

    There is a few issues reported with the GPS system. Firstly when the extra antenna is not used, the signal can be intermittent on a particularly overcast day. This fact is announced over and over by the inbuilt voice and can be irritating. There is also some mention of the GPS antenna interfering with other GPS devices, due to poor shielding. Simply moving the antenna further away seems to resolve this.

Is the Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 right for you?

The Road Hawk HD has an unbeatable image quality but is not without it’s drawbacks. It’s high price and large size makes it somewhat prohibitive for the public sector. These are less of a problem for commercial customers who just need a very high quality recording device that they can write off as an expense.

If you are just a standard road user, it’s difficult to recommend over the Falcon Zero F170 which is half the price, with more features, reliability with almost the same image quality.

Where to Buy

The camera is available from multiple sources:

If you are looking to get it slightly cheaper or even second hand, you might want to check these prices at:

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Mounted

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Mounted

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Mounted 3

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Mounted 2

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Video Sample Day

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Video Sample Night

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Manufacturers Resources

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Manufacturers page

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Manual

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Software

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Spec Sheet

Roadhawk HD Setup Guide

Roadhawk HD Setup Guide

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Specifications

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680
Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Feature
Price $249.99
(Check Prices)
Channels 1
Screen No Screen
GPS check

Wi-FI cross
Parking Mode cross
File Lock Manual Button and G-Sensor
Max Resolution 1080p @ 30F FPS
File Format .mp4
Viewing Angle 129
Memory Card Standard Micro SD
Included Storage 8GB
Max Card Supported 128GB
Mount Adhesive
Operating Temperature -10C – 60C
Software Compatibility PC and MAC

Wrap Up

Road Hawk HD 62RHG680

Road Hawk HD 62RHG680

Daytime Video Footage


    Night Time Video Footage




        Value for Money



          • - Video Quality Excellent
          • - Great Build Quality
          • - E.I.S Feature
          • - Great Software


          • - SD Card Fault
          • - Large Price
          • - Large Unit

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