PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Review

The PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 is part of the “Advanced Dashcams” range, brought to us by PAPAGO, who mostly deal in consumer cameras such as dash cams and personal cameras. It has a rare mount type that clips directly to your rear view mirror, rather than being stuck to the wind shield with either a suction cup or an adhesive strip. This brings a captive audience with it as it circumvents some state lawas that prevent you from sticking cameras to your wind shield, keeping you safe in these states.

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PAPAGO is a relatively well established Taiwanese company and with that brand recognition comes expectations of superior product quality and improved customer service. Do they live up to these expectations? Lets find out.

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PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Lens

At first glance, this mid range camera appears to come with mid-ranged specs. The advertised resolution is 1080p at fps and there are 2 different quotes on the companies website when it comes to the viewing angle, 130 and 140 degrees. TO clarify, the camera does come with a capability to record at 140 degrees but when in this mode, it is unable to capture at 1080p, only 720p. At lower viewing angles, it can capture 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps. On top of this, despite having WDR capability, the night time video quality is not on par with other cameras in this price range.

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Hardware

The build quality on the device is serviceable if not a bit of a disappointment from such an established company. The casing feels sturdy and well made but the buttons a little cheap and flimsy. For the price, there is a good number of features on board and they do a good job at what they advertise. As you’d expect, it comes with a built in G-Sensor to detect collisions and lock down footage as well as the WDR mentioned before. It’s curious form factor means it has a 2″ slide down screen so it doesn’t obstruct much of your view. One of the big drawbacks here is the power cable that has a transformer box halfway down the cable, stopping you completely hiding the cable when routing it, a bit of an oversight from the company that has not been resolved in even the newest batch of cameras.

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Gallery

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PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Features

  • Slide Down Screen

    The device has a 2″ slide-down screen that is used to both help with configuration of the device as well as placement of the camera for maximum effect.

  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

    The Wide Dynamic Range permits the dash cam to combine multiple exposure levels during night time to maximise the data captured by the lens leading to a better quality of footage at night.

  • Clip on Mount

    The special clip on mount allows you to attach the camera to the back of your rear view mirror. This makes the camera both discreet from the outside, and legal in all US states.

  • Motion detector and G-Sensor

    The integrated motion detector and G-Sensor monitors the condiiton around your vehicle and records and locks the footage if a collision is detected or any motion in front is discovered.

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Common issues

Despite the fact that this camera is from a big name brand, there are a few issues with it:

  • DOA Units

    A small number of purchasers have complained that their camera has been either dead on arrival or fails within the first week. This is a small number of users but still seems to be an issue.

  • Problems with battery

    Again, a small number of owners have reported the battery not allowing the motion detector to work when the vehicle is parked. This appears to be a faulty battery and a replacement device is required.

  • FM Radio Interference

    Some users have reported interference with their FM radio stations when using this device in their cars.

Is the PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 right for you?

The PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 is a decent camera for the price but it is certainly not the best. For $10 less, you can pick up the Falcon Zero F170 which has superior daytime and night time quality, includes a 32 GB memory card and is all round a better camera.

The only circumstance in which we could recommend this camera is if it’s ilegal to attach a camera to your windshield where you live, in which case, there are not a lot of options for you, this one being the best on offer.

Where to Buy

Please check out the below offers at Amazon:

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PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Resources

You can get some good resources on the WheelWitness website here:

WheelWitness Website

And the Online Manual can be found here:

WheelWitness HD Pro Manual

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Mounted

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Mounted
PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Mounted 2

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Video Sample Day

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Video Sample Night

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Manufacturers Video

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Specifications

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200
PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Feature
Channels 1
Screen 2.0″ Sliding Color LCD
GPS cross
G-Sensor/td> check
Wi-FI cross
Parking Mode check
File Lock Manual Button and G-Sensor
Max Resolution 1080p @ 30F FPS
File Format .Avi
Viewing Angle 140
Memory Card Standard Micro SD
Included Storage No card included
Max Card Supported 32GB
Mount Clip
Operating Temperature -10C – 60C
Software Compatability PC and MAC

Wrap Up

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PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200

Daytime Video Quality


    Night Time Video Quality




        Value for Money



          • - Good Customer Support
          • - Legal in all States


          • - Box in cable
          • - Not compatible with all mirrors
          • - No 1080p at 140 degrees
          • - Poor Night Quality

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