Panorama S 2015 Edition Dash Cam Review

The Panorama S 2015 edition updated Sony Exmor IMX322 Sensor CMOS DashCam PowerUCC Panorama 2S / S International Model is a refresh to the very popular Panorama S released in mid-2014. The camera was arguably one of the best “bang for your bucks” cameras out there when it was released but has been recently taken over by some newer cameras. We wanted to wait for the new 2015 edition to come out before reviewing it to see if they can take their crown back.

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Panorama S 2015


To look at, the camera is very similar to it’s 2014 counterpart, with only very minor aesthetic differences, just the color and location of some of the text. Inside however, things do start to change with uprated components to increase the image quality and storage potential. The device still lacks some standard features you would expect at this price point however but is this enough to stop the high quality video quality making this a good purchase? Lets find out.

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Panorama S 2015 Lens

The lens is the same as the previous model, capable of taking in 1080p footage at 30fps with a viewing angle of 154 degrees, pretty good. The real difference comes from the upgraded sensor, the Sony Exmor IMX322. The lens also has an excellent quality “WDR” function integrated giving superb quality night time recording, some of the best on the market.

Panorama S 2015 Hardware

The physical casing of the Panorama S 2015 is practically identical to it’s predecessor and this is a very good thing. Very good build quality with a now proven track record for reliability means this camera is built to last. Add onto that the top quality 2.7″ touch screen for easy operation and this is a nice camera to handle and operate. The camera also comes with 2 mounting options, a 3M adhesive mount that allows you to stick it to your windscreen for a compact mounting or a larger suction mount that gives you increased flexibility but a larger in car footprint and less discreetness.

Another upgrade over the 2014 version is the new exFAT formatting firmware, essentially negating the need to format an SD card before use. The device is also capable of holding super high capacity SD cards up to 512GB and even new “Wi-Fi SD cards” that allow you to connect to the card directly with a wireless device stopping you having to remove the SD card from the camera to recover the footage.

Where the Panorama S 2015 starts to fall down though is some of the other features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an integrated GPS but you are able to purchase an external receiver to make up for this features, but that takes this camera over $200. Although it comes with a parking mode to speak of, it doesn’t work very well and appears to shut off arbitrarily. It has an option to be wired directly to your 12 line rather than through the 12v cigarette lighter, allowing the device to film constantly and still lock down the footage with the G-Sensor if an impact is detected.

Panorama S 2015 Gallery

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Panorama S 2015 Features

  • Sony Exmor IMX322 Sensor

    The Sony Exmor IMX322 is a brand new, top quality sensor that gives you crystal clear footage whatever the condition.

  • 2.7″ Touch Screen”

    The integrated touch screen allows you to control the camera from on screen, stopping the camera becoming overly large due to additional buttons and looks great.

  • exFAT Memory Card

    The advanced memory card port allows not only for the use of on the fly exFAT formatting but also very high 512GB cards and even Wi-Fi cards.

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Common issues

The Panorama S 2015 is a very new camera there is a couple of issues.

  • Vulnerable Lens

    The lens of the camera is quite exposed and if the camera is being used in multiple vehicles and is often relocated, it has the potential to be scratched. This can be solved by picking up a lens cap to cover it when it’s being transported.

  • Internal Mic Quality

    The volume of the sound recorded from the mic is quite low and can be difficult to make out if the speech is particularly soft spoken.

Is the Panorama S 2015 right for you?

The Panorama S 2015 is a good quality camera and has built on it’s predecessor in many ways but is priced too high to be competitive in the market. By the time you add the GPS module and extras required to make this a great camera, you would have been better opting for the better specced panorama g and still taking advantage of the excellent manufacturer support that this camera offers.

The other alternative is to opt for the Falcon Zero F170, a fantastic feature rich camera that has similar quality to this device, more features and only missing the touch screen operation. At 2/3rds the price is a much better 2015 dash cam.

Where to Buy

The camera is available from Amazon. Check it out below:

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Panorama S 2015 Video Sample Day

Panorama S 2015 Video Sample Night

Panorama S 2015 Resources

Manufacturers Page

Panorama S 2015 Specifications

Panorama S 2015
Panorama S 2015
Channels 1
Screen 2.7″ touchscreen LCD
GPS cross
G-Sensor/td> check
Wi-FI cross
Parking Mode cross
File Lock Manual Button and G-Sensor
Max Resolution 1080p @ 30F FPS
File Format .mov
Viewing Angle 154
Memory Card Standard SD
Included Storage N/A
Max Card Supported 512GB
Mount Suction & Adhesive
Operating Temperature -10C – 90C
Software Compatibility PC and MAC

Wrap Up

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Panorama S 2015

Panorama S 2015

Day Time Video Quality


    Night Time Video Quality




        Value for Money



          • - Very Reliable Camera
          • - Proven Support Model
          • - Good Quality Footage
          • - Excellent Memory Card Options


          • - Poor Value for Money
          • - Lacks Integrated Features.

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