Cobra CDR 840 Dash Cam Review

When it comes to purchasing dash cams online, there is a very wide selection of Chinese generic cameras, branded by small companies and sold on various sites. There are very few existing large tech companies making their own range of dash cameras for your vehicle but Cobra is one of the few.

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Cobra Drive HD CDR 840 Dash Cam Feature

The Cobra CDR 840 represents the upper mid-range of their product line and comes with a good seleciton of features built in. They currently have a wide range of cameras on the market, with the budget CDR 810 and 820, the mid range CDR 825E and 830, the upper mid range CDR 840 and the top of the range CDR 900. The CDR 840 is the most popular in their line up and represents a good balance of features for price.

Cobra CDR 840 Camera and Lens

When it comes to cameras in this price bracket, the CDR 840 delivers the expeccted 1080p camera lens and allows you to record at 30fps. This is however limited with a 118 degree viewing angle. This does help to keep the image distortion free but does limit what the camera can see from the side of your car. On the other hand, the quality of the footage is very good to excellent during the day and good at night, thanks in part to this lower viewing angle.

Cobra CDR 840 Hardware

The Cobra CDR 840 does have a superb list of other features to make up for the limited viewing angle. The primary feature of the device is the built in GPS receiver that tracks your journey, allowing you to view GPS, speed and even accelerometer and G force data when using the Cobra software found here. It also has a 1.5″ colour screen tucked on the back of the camera next to the controls. Although small, it has allowed Cobra to make the device in a smaller form factor. The small form factor doesn’t make it particularly discreet though due to the awkward mounting and silver color, making it difficult to hide behind the rear veiw mirror. Another great feature is the HDMI output port, allowing you to view the footage recorded back on an HDMI capable TV.

Cobra CDR 840 Gallery

Cobra CDR 840 Features

  • Built In G-Sensor

    The integrated G-Sensor and accelerometer allows you to not only record the G force exerted on your car during your journey but also automatically locks down the footage if it detects a collision.

  • GPS Sensor

    The integrated GPS sensor allows you to track the co-ordinates of your journey and play them back either in google maps or in the Cobra software linked above. This way you can show your route on a map or even record the exact location of an incident.

  • 1.5″ LCD Screen

    The 1.5″ LCD screen on the back allows for easy configuration and positioning of the camera to make the most of it’s limited viewing angle.

  • HDMI Out

    The micro USB output allows you to show your footage directly on most modern TVs, meaning you don’t need a PC to use this camera, perfect for your first step into technology.

  • Included 8GB memory card

    The Cobra CDR 840 comes with an 8GB memory card that allows you to get up and running as soon as you open the box.

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Common issues

This camera came out in mid 2014 and although reliable has had a few issues.

  • Long Suction Cup

    Although the camera is well built and compact, the silver color and long suction cup makes it a problem to hide the camera behind the rear view mirror. The length of the suction cup means it has to drop several inches making it protrude from all but the lowest of rear view mirrors.

  • Short Power Cord

    The power cord is only 6 foot and if you have a large vehicle it may be difficult to stretch the cable from your cigarette lighter all the way to the roof of your vehicle. It also doesn’t have a seperate USB output and hogs the 12v socket to itself.

  • Faulty power adapter

    There has been a limited number of reports of the charger burning out and stopping working. This creates at best, a burning smell in your car and a requirement to pick up a new charger, at worst, a fire hazard. This does not seem to affect a large number of devices.

Is the Cobra CDR 840 right for you?

The Cobra CDR 840 is a great quality, feature packed and well priced camera made from a reputable manufacturer. With that, comes great tech support and a 1 years warranty which in the emerging dash camera market, is a very good thing. On the other had, the lack of discreetneess and limited viewing angles may put some off.

The features and quality is very similar to that of the newer Falcon Zero F170 but the F170 is slightly superior in most aspects. The only reason to get this camera over the F170 is if you would prefer a smaller viewing angle (118 vs 170) due to a preference in non distorted video.

Where to Buy

The camera has been around since mid 2014 and can be purchased from Amazon:

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Cobra CDR 840 Video Sample Day

Cobra CDR 840 Video Sample Night

Cobra CDR 840 Specifications

Cobra CDR 840
Cobra Drive HD CDR 840 Dash Cam Feature
Channels 1
Screen 1.5″ Color LCD
GPS check

Wi-FI cross
Parking Mode cross
File Lock Manual Button and G-Sensor
Max Resolution 1080p @ 30F FPS
File Format .avi
Viewing Angle 118
Memory Card Standard Micro SD
Included Storage 8GB
Max Card Supported 32GB
Mount Suction
Operating Temperature 0C – 65C
Software Compatability PC and MAC

Wrap Up

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Cobra CDR 840

Cobra CDR 840

daytime video quality


    night time video quality




        value for money



          • - Reputable Brand
          • - Well Built
          • - Good Feature Set
          • - Competitive Price


          • - Difficult to hide
          • - Limited Viewing Angle

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