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Rexing V1 1080p Wide Angle Dash Cam

Rexing V1 1080p Wide Angle Dash Cam Review

The Rexing V1 1080p Wide Angle Dash Cam is a upper entry level dash board camera from RexingUSA, a new company that seems to specialise in taking existing Korean and Chinese cameras and improving...

Panorama S 2015

Panorama S 2015 Edition Dash Cam Review

The Panorama S 2015 edition updated Sony Exmor IMX322 Sensor CMOS DashCam PowerUCC Panorama 2S / S International Model is a refresh to the very popular Panorama S released in mid-2014. The camera was...

KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam Feature

KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam Review

The KDLINKS® X1 Full-HD 1920*1080 165° Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS, G-Sensor, WDR Superior Quality Night Mode, 6-Glass Lens, 2.7″ Screen, Media Player of Route Tracking & Google Map, 8GB Micro SD...

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Feature

Timetec Road Hawk HD 62RHG680 Review

The Car Black Box -Timetec Road Hawk 1080P HD Car Vehicle Road Traffic Accident/Incident Dash Windshield Dashboard Video Audio Camera Recorder Camcorder DVR System Black Box Built in Microphone, GPS, G-Sensor with SD Memory...

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Feature

PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 Review

The PAPAGO GS200-US GoSafe 200 is part of the “Advanced Dashcams” range, brought to us by PAPAGO, who mostly deal in consumer cameras such as dash cams and personal cameras. It has a rare...

Wheel Witness HD Pro Feature

WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam Review

The WheelWitness HD Pro is the sole product from the Wheel Witness company and was released in late 2014 into the emerging dash camera market. It competes in the mid-ranged section of the market...

Cobra Drive HD CDR 840 Dash Cam Feature

Cobra CDR 840 Dash Cam Review

When it comes to purchasing dash cams online, there is a very wide selection of Chinese generic cameras, branded by small companies and sold on various sites. There are very few existing large tech...

SQdeal Car Black Box DVR Feature

Car Black Box SQdeal GS8000L Dash Cam Review

It’s fair to say that the SQdeal Car Black Box DVR Dash cam lies fairly within the “budget” category when it comes to in car dash cams. It costs below $50 to buy and...

Falcon Zero F170 Best Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F170 Review

Released in the first quarter of 2015, the Falcon Zero F170 is a very feature rich camera with an extremely competitive price. The box comes packed with extras such as a CD with the...

Panorama G (GPS) Street Guardian SGZC12SG Feature

Panorama G Street Guardian SGZC12SG Review

The Panorama G (GPS) Street Guardian SGZC12SG is one of the top end cameras on the market specifically build to be placed in the dash of a vehicle. It features some of the best...

B40 A118 Camera Feature

Black Box, Auto-Vox B40 / A118 Review

The B40/A118 was released in mid 2014 and has has proven to be a very popular camera, coming close to the sales for the G1W and for good reason. It packs all the positive...

Black Box G1W Feature

Black Box, WickedHD, Spy Tec G1W Dash Cam Review

One of the most popular dash cameras over the last few years if from a Chinese manufacturer, known here as Black Box. This is a mid-low end entry and is one of the best...

Garmin Dash Cam 20 Feature

Garmin Dash Cam 20 Review

Garmin are already a well established name in in-car electronics and the Garmin Dash Cam 20 is the upper of their 2 offerings into the Dash Cam field. There are few big brand names...

Transcend DrivePro 200 Feature

Transcend DrivePro 200 TS16GDP200 Review

The Transcend DrivePro 200 TS16GDP200 is the big brother of the Transcend DrivePro 100. Made by Transcend, a Taiwanese born company, it is billed as a reasonably priced, Wi-Fi enabled dash cam. Transcend are...


What Is Dash Cam?

When people use the term dash cam, or dashboard camera as it’s sometimes called, they are referring to a small digital camcorder that is designed specifically to go inside your car and record what happens, typically outside the front of the vehicle.

There are 2 very specific traits that make a dash cam what it is, the first is the ability to record in loops. This means that when the device fills up it’s internal memory, it will “loop” round and start recording over the saved footage from the oldest first, meaning it always records and doesn’t “run out of space” stopping it’s function. Of course if you are looking for the best dash cam, there are other features you’d expect. These can be learned out about in this dash cam reviews section

The other major function of a device called a dash camera is the ability to start recording and stop recording when it receives power, typically when the vehicle it’s mounted in starts and stops its engine. This stops the camera having to continuously draw power, running down the car battery or having to be manually activated every time you step in your car, an action which is easily forgotten when you are in a hurry. The last thing you would want is to need the footage a dash cam records only to find out you forgot to switch it on that day.

Falcon Zero F170 Best Dash Cam

The primary reason a dash cam is purchased and use of course is a form of covert, protective surveillance. The idea is to capture events that happen with your vehicle, such as an accident where the driver either drives away or lies about what happened or even a police stop where a police officer behaves as they shouldn’t. Essentially a safety net against insurance fraud and in very rare circumstances against police corruption.

A dash cam makes an excellent investment

There are so many different forms of camera surveillance out there from Google glasses, that has a wearable camera to see what your eyes see. They are great but prohibitively expensive and of questionable moral value in some peoples eyes. Our phones have cameras and even some of our watches have cameras. Thinking about it from this perspective it makes perfect sense to pop a dash cam in your car to protect you and save you money.

There are countless drivers with a…. shortage of driving ability on the road and if you install a camera simply for the insurance discount or for peace of mind when you leave your car parked in a busy car park for the minimal investment they take, no-one could argue that it’s an excellent investment.

The amount of incredible footage on sites like Youtube with some terrifying footage of bad drivers, horrifying footage of the lows that some people can sink to trying to commit insurance fraud, some of the corrupt police stops captured or some of the most amazing footage of a meteor striking the planet. Not only does a dash cam keep you safe, it can capture some of the most amazing impromptu footage on the planet for you to share with your friends.

As we have already found, all these kinds of footage is exactly what you will catch on a camera that is mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle. You are likely here because you already know a lot of this and are performing your sensible research to find the best dash cam. Our selection of dash cam reviews are aimed at people in exactly your situation, people who are looking to buy the best dashboard camera for their personal budget.

Falcon Zero F170 Best Dash Cam

As dash cams become more and more integrated into how we go about our daily lives, and as we see even more and more reports on the news about the wonders that dash cameras capture and even stories of dash cameras saving people from insurance fraud in the US, an increasing problem. It is estimated that $1.15 billion dollars of health care spending annually in the US is attributed to insurance fraud. In the UK, it is estimated that insurance fraud costs the insurance companies $3b and is responsible for a 5% rise in insurance premiums as reported by the insurance fraud bureau.

The other great thing about footage captured on the dash camera is that it’s irrefutable proof in court. People can lie but cameras footage does not (without significant investment) and is considered more a more trustworthy source of facts than the drivers. Instead of a he-said, she-said situation which can occur when a solo driver has an accident with another solo driver, this then becomes My camera and I said vs she-said. A far better and reassuring position to be in. Or to put it another way, if a picture is worth 1000 words, what is video footage that corroborates your version of events worth? $1000s?

Benefits of having the best dash cam

There are many, many great reasons to own a dash cam, some of which has been discussed in brief above but below is a comprehensive list of the best reasons to purchase and install a quality dash cam in your vehicle.

Motor Vehicle collisions

Being involved in a collision can be a traumatic experience, no matter how experienced at driving you and can be amplified if the damage to your car or even worse your health is substantial. This kind of accident can have deep set and long term ramifications on your mental wellbeing as well as your financial health if you don’t have solid proof of what happened. Although a dash cam can’t stop accidents happening, it can give you reassurance when you can 100% prove to your insurance company who was at fault without any doubts.

The process of allocating fault or blame after an accident can be quite a drawn out and time consuming process. Even if at the time the driver can appear to be apologetic and admitting fault, it’s very easy from them to slip a white lie in about the circumstances of the collision and prolong the already lengthy claim.

If however you have concrete proof in the form of clear, high quality, full HD video of exactly what happened during the collision, this arms your insurance company with exactly what the need to expedite this process and lay blame at the 3rd party. This is evidence the 3rd party have to accept and can avoid many legal bills as well.

Collisions in an unattended car

Although it may not cross your mind, one of the most common places for your vehicle to sustain damage is when it is unattended in a public car park. This can range from someone reversing into you or scraping their car along yours due to their poor driving (we’ve all seen this kind of driver). It could be intentional vandalism perpetrated by low-lifes who are jealous of other people’s nice things or any other conceivable damage your vehicle can sustain.

Best Dashboard Camera

A lot of the midrange to top end cameras come equipped with a “parking mode”. This is essentially a motion sensor and g-sensor combined that starts the camera recording to catch the perpetrator in action.

Imagine the feeling of coming back to your car, finding some pretty severe damage, being distraught that the offender has left the scene without a note and then finding the culprits number plate, in perfect high definition video on your dash cam. The feeling of vindication and relief would be immense. This is what buying and installing a dash camera with parking mode can give you.

Calculated Insurance Fraud

There are a number of different insurance fraud schemes out there and we will take a minute to go through some of the common ones and how a dash cam could help you out if you were faced with any of them during your travelling.

The first and most common one is people literally throwing themselves in front of you car in order to get injured and then sue you for personal injury. This sounds absolutely crazy to a normal person but this doesn’t stop lunatics trying to steal money this way instead of going out and working hard like you or I. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are in the wrong so will get caught, this is not the case. This is one of the main types of insurance fraud that dash cams were invented to protect from. If you have footage of an idiot throwing themselves in front of you car, you can save yourself a bundle in legal fees and insurance premiums.

And you get to run over a scumbag…

The second and less common type of insurance fraud is people intentionally striking your car in a manor that makes it look like you were at fault. A prime example of this is someone intentionally reversing into your car at a traffic junction to make it look like you ran into the back of them (a situation where the person who ran into the back of the other person is normally found to be at fault). An example of this can be found here:

Again, as you can see, the fact the victim had a dash cam installed completely exonerated the driver and was cast iron proof that the vehicle at front was the one at fault. It’s a sobering video to watch just how low some people can sink in order to make money.

Show your friends some incredible driving

Dashcams don’t have to be used to prevent scams and con artists, they can in fact be used to wow your friends with some cool footage. It’s quite common for people who race their cars on track days or even drag racing to install a dash cam in their car to capture their glory on camera. Some of the higher quality cameras can use a GPS receiver and accelerometer to map your times around a track and show the amount of g-force your car is putting your through at the wheel in a digital record of your lap.

This kind of footage can even be used to launch a successful and lucrative Youtube career if you can gain enough subscribers and popularity to be worth it. Regardless, it’s always nice to have footage of some of your fun times to look back on.

Amazing unexpected footage

Ever saw something funny or amazing when you were behind the wheel of you car and tried to describe it to a friend or family later. Imagine if you had footage of the event and they could share your amazement at what you saw. Although not a primary reason to purchase a dash cam, its a happy side occurrence that could happen and you could benefit from.

There are some incredible footage on Youtube of a meteor being caught on several dashcams in Russia and all sorts of other footage. Even footage of crazy driving can be humorous (if no-one is inured) and again, if you happen to get regular footage, you can make a few bucks on Youtube.

Record incredible Journeys

If you frequently go on long road trips through some beautiful scenery the investing in a very high quality dash cam could be a very good idea. You can capture some amazing quality, better than HD (in some cases) footage of the scenery you drive past and the natural beauty you drive past on the way.

This footage can be saved and shared with your friends and family or even watched again to bring back memories of your trip, a priceless reason to have a dash cam.

With all these reasons and benefits to having a dash cam there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t have one in your car. There is a wide variety available and a camera to suit every budget. The bare minimum you would want to spend is $60 to get a good quality camera such as the G1W dash cam. A brilliant entry level camera that almost anyone can afford. Of course if you want all the great features listed above, Best Car Camera .com recommend the Falcon Zero F170. A fantastic, reliable, feature rich dash cam at a very competitive price. A great bargain for those who want maximum protection.

Other Car Camera

There are of a number of other cameras available for your car that will keep you safe in other ways. First of all, you can install a backup camera in your car to minimise the risk you pose your vehicle and other pedestrians whilst backing your vehicle.

You can also pick up an all in one camera solution, often called a car black box or a car camera recorder. These offer an all in one solution of a dash cam, a backup cam, a screen and sometimes an in car camera that records what happens inside the car. Great for road traffic stops or any, more serious events that can occur inside your vehicle.

These cameras are all discussed in detail on this site so if you are looking for a car cam of any sort, you are in the right place.