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BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dash Cam Feature

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Review

One of the biggest names in quality dash cams in recent years have been BlackVue. They have released a number of very high quality products in recent years and the BlackVue New 2 Channel...


What is an All in One Car Black Box

The term car black box doesn’t refer to one exact type of camera or a defined set of components. The all in one car camera recorder can refer to a number of different setups and bunch of components. Most often, they are comprised of a dash camera of some description either with or without a screen. They normally then have an additional channel or channels that have extra cameras or components feeding data into them. This sounds like a rather vague description because there is no one definition for this kind of car security camera

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More often than not some kind of backup camera is included in this mixture. This only works with a screen of course which a lot of these cameras have.

Types of All in One cameras

We will go through the different common configurations available and try to categorize them as best we can.

One of the primary types of all in one cameras is a dual channel dash cam such as the BlackVue-DR650GW-2CH. This model has an excellent, high quality dash cam bundled with another, slightly weaker camera to be mounted at the rear of your vehicle. The device is then capable of recording both feeds at once and allow you view them back independently either on your smartphone or home PC/Mac. There are of course many different variations of this dual channel dash cam out there, this is just one of the better ones and you will ultimately be limited by your budget. This is a very popular configuration of car black box all in one but there are many more configurations out there.

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The next variety of these car black boxes are a more versatile version of backup cameras that come with or have the option to hook up multiple cameras. These kinds of AIO systems are mostly designed for very large vehicles. When we look at a typical RV, there is a large blind spot behind them. This can be difficult to cover with just a single backup camera. When we look at the backup camera Rear View Safety RVS-770613, it’s a fantastic backup camera. It is available with up to 4 cameras that can be strategically positioned to cover blind spots on almost any vehicle, no matter what size. With this kind of help, you can safely maneuver larger vehicles such as busses and even trucks.

The last real “category” of these systems is the full multimedia system. These are normally a combination of backup camera with additional screens. These screens all have multiple channels to swap between video sources. These are mostly paired with some form of entertainment such as a DVD player. You then strap the additional screens to the rear headrests for rear passengers. The screen in the front then have the option to display footage from the backup camera automatically when in reverse or whatever video source you decide. This is great for people who want to have multimedia in the back for the kids on long journeys, want a screen up front for either the entertainment or the reverse camera. This means you don’t have to overload your car with too much technology or incompatible systems.

What are the advantages of Car Black Box

The All-In-One systems typically take all the advantages of the technology they are based on and expand it with more options. So the dual channel multiple camera dash cams come with all the features of a dash cam but expand on that in a meaningful way. This normally adds more coverage compared to a standard dashcam for an increase in price.

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In the example of the car black box that’s based on a backup camera, it adds functionality with the extra cameras, channels and coverage to be a more rounded product. Again, this is against a trade of that is an increased upfront cost. Whether or not they are worth the extra depends on what application you are buying for. They are really just options that you have when selecting what you need.

Other Car Camera Options

If this is not what you are looking for, check out the car camera information located on our main page.